Easy order and delivery:

1. Send me your script, budget, project details and usage with the required reading style to:

A custom demo is free for projects with a budget as of $250 / 200€.

2. You will receive a quote the same day.

3. File delivery is done via Dropbox, Wetransfer, Hightail.

Supervised remote recording has never been easier:

Source Connect, ipDTL via your Chrome webbrowser, ISDN, Source Connect Now, Soundstreak, or you can direct me while I record for you via Skype phone patch.

Let's discuss what is easiest for you.

One-run, clean-cut: recorded text is delivered according to script, as a single  soundfile. Pops & clicks are edited out, minor corrections (slight tone change, product names and similar) are free of charge. No mastering.

Guarantee: Quality reputation is based on delivering quality products and ensuring optimal customer benefit. Petra's ultimate aim is that you and your client are happy. Do not hesitate to call back if the result is not fully up to your expectations.

Additional services:

Cut-up: original one-run file is cut up into smaller files, individually labelled according to script nomenclature.

Re-recording due to manuscript changes called for by the client is considered a new assignment.

For these, and services such as linguistic corrections, translation, proofreading, a fee is added via a specific estimate.

Confidentiality: Any material and information given in an assignment is considered confidential. However, unless otherwise agreed, Petra retains the right to use a neutral sample of the recording for shameless self-marketing purposes.


Rode NT1A   -  Avid M-Audio Fasttrack pre-amp  -  Macbook Pro OS X 10.8, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 (8 GB Memory)

Software: Twisted Wave, Izotope RX  -  Studiobricks isolation booth


Every client has a different financial situation, and voiceover rates vary a lot. If I give you my standard rate, it could seem low, and you may think I'm too cheap to be good...or, it may be too high for your budget, and you'll go away.

Talk to me! I am professional and reasonable.

And I always succeed in finding a mutually satisfying solution.

Pick up the phone, dial +33 251 782 151 (landline) or +33 663018070 to discuss your project with me.