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Voice-overs like a walk in the park

Hi! I’m Petra. I’m a Voice Over Actor.

I work with advertising agencies, production and e-Learning companies by lending my voice to their brand videos, commercials, explainer videos, trainings and corporate narrations to help inform and persuade their client’s target market.

I do this mainly in neutral English and native Dutch, from my professionally equipped home-studio, in France! You can check it all out here…

My neutral English is ideal for a global audience. My voice is warm, soothing, and relatable.

I can adapt it into multiple voice profiles: expressive and friendly, intelligent and confident, or luxurious and sophisticated.

My clients like me for my international skill set.

My services include brand videos & corporate presentations, TV & radio commercials, narration, e-learning, explainer videos and more!

Contact me now so I can help you with your project!

Some of my clients

Selected praise

“Fantastic! This is precisely what I would want and expect - a choice of different reads - all subtly (but noticeably) different - and an intelligent interpretation both of the script and my written direction. Thank you for a stellar job!”
Toffeehammer Prod.
“Petra was prompt and perfect. The audio quality was crystal clear, her accent, intonation, and pronunciation were just right, and she followed my convoluted instructions to the letter. I hope to get a chance to work with her again - excellent!"
Nat Brown

I can make your project take flight!

Questions about your next project? Need an estimate or a custom demo? Contact me now by phone or email, and I’ll be happy to help your project spread its wings!



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