A Naturally Global Voice for Corporate Narration

Petra Vermeulen – Embodying a Brand’s Identity Through Voice Over

All you need to see is an apple, a swoosh, hear someone intone “I’m Loving It” and you instantly know what the company is and usually what they stand for. The key asset for any company is its brand and how they present themselves to their employees and customers. The voice that “speaks” for a brand is extremely important in everything from Explainer Videos to their phone systems / IVR / MOH to the education they provide their employees and the anthemic corporate imaging and brand films they produce. So it’s smart business to hire a professional voice over to embody your vacation identity .

Giving Voice to Your Company’s Core Values and Vision

When companies look to express who they are, in addition to commercials and explainers, they often create corporate identity videos (or brand films). These videos help companies explain who are they are and what they stand for. They express a company’s core values ​​and vision to customers, employees and the public. Often they showcase what makes the company thrive and tell the story of its origin and mission.

From the mailroom to the executive-suite, these identity videos also appeal to workers who are not just interested in a “job” but want what they do and where they work to have meaning and a positive impact on the world. In orientations, town hall meetings and team presentations, expressing the corporate culture in imagery and messaging can be a cohesive strategy for building team spirit and camaraderie and attracting investment. Choosing the right voice to deliver those messages can contribute to the success of your brand.


Professional Voice Over is A Smart Investment

Today’s digital world is ever-changing, global and diverse . New technology means new platforms from desktops to laptops, tablets, phones and smart TVs for your messages to be delivered. Standing out in a large pool of corporations can be a challenge. But with a powerful, authentic voice over delivering your corporate narration you can really grab your audience’s attention.

While you may feel that having one of your staff voice your launch messages is “good enough”, investing in professional voice over services is just smart business . Unforgettable communication goes beyond just reading words on a page. A skilled voice over actor uses timber, tone, tempo, and pitch as well as the right attitudes and perspectives to bring your voice over to life consistently , across all areas of your corporate narration.

I love working with brands to find just the right elements to tell your story. I am fluent in English, Dutch and French, and have an international English sound with a global or somewhat European accent that isn’t immediately identifiable as US, UK, Dutch or French. I bring that lightly undefinably accented, neutral read to your narration projects.

Whether your projects are fun and light, energetic, straight-forward, instructional, inspirational, funny and comically sarcastic or enticing and inviting for brand films, kiosk and explainer videos, phone systems, PSAs, manifestos and more for social media, internal presentations, websites or trade shows, I know what it takes to make your communication soar.

A Reliable, High Caliber Voice Over Brand

In addition to its brand, another valuable asset for any company is trust. It is the goal of my voice over brand to make sure you trust me to deliver the exact tones, attitudes, and styles of narration that embody who you are. I value that relationship and the understanding I build with my clients and work hard to be a reliable, high caliber voice over brand – one that you count on again and again for top-flight narration, delivered on-time and on-budget. You have a message to relay and deadlines to satisfy – I am a firm believer in clear communication and appreciate that production schedules may be short and turnarounds may need to be fast-paced. That’s why I deliver in a 48 hour or less time frame for most projects.

Embodying your mission and telling your story to your employees, investors, and customers is what I do. I love to partner with brands and find just the right delivery to increase brand loyalty, attract new interest and further your objectives. I also know what it is like to be an entrepreneur and what appeals to the B2B world. I strive to enhance the relationship of your brand to your message – to build belief in your message, trust in your product or service and devotion to your brand.

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