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Hi, I’m Petra Vermeulen. I Voice Explainer Videos.

Explainer videos are everywhere these days. Often short and informative, explainer videos are a great way for brands to explain their mission, their products, or their services. They’re not boring or pretentious and generally lighter in tone (though not always). They are a fun and engaging way to communicate information in a 30 second to 3 minute timeframe. Typically very casual and straight forward, mine would begin – “Hi, I’m Petra Vermeulen. I voice explainer videos”.

Companies With Explainer Videos are Providing a Service

A sizable majority of all audiences these days are visual learners and prefer to be presented with content they can watch and listen to rather than read. So companies with explainer videos are providing a service by delivering their information in the format their customers want.

Now that Millennia’s and Gen Z-ers are controlling their own purchasing power, brands that connect to these customers and engage both visually and auditorily are going to have more success in attracting these consumers who grew up with video content. Additionally, the short length appeals to this audience as well. These days a 3 minute video is much preferred to a 30 minute presentation.


Explainer Videos are 50% More Effective with Voice Over

Research has found that presentations with words and imagery are 50% more effective when the words are communicated through voice over than with just the imagery. Without getting too technical, there is a hypothesis called the Dual Coding Theory that states that the brain receives information from two main channels – what is seen and what is heard. And each channel has a limited capacity to take in information before it reaches overload.

And in today’s world of short attention spans, you need a better way to engage each channel before your audience gets distracted or loses interest. Voice over lets your audience use their visual channel to take in images and pictures while their auditory channel lets them listen to the words instead of reading them. That’s where I come in.

Why Your Explainer Videos Need a Professional Voice Over

Although generally conversational and casual, your explainer videos still need a professional voice actor to deliver them. You need a relatable, authentic voice to embody the message and perfect the delivery so that the information is understood and remembered. I can quickly determine the correct attitude, tones, tempo, pitch and timber to bring your engaging copy to life in your video. Additionally, I am fluent in English, Dutch and French with an international English sound so your videos in English can have that “European” flavor without being identifiably US, UK, Dutch or French.

Your videos can range from energetic and fun to insightful and straight-forward, inspirational, comedic, sardonic, flirtatious or serious. You can create them for social media, PSAs, or your website, I know what it takes to make your videos take wing beyond your competition.

A Voice That Soars, A Brand That’s Grounded

My clients and their projects are very important to me. It is my goal to ensure you trust me to deliver the perfect, top-flight voice over that you envisioned for your videos. While your project will soar, my brand is grounded in service. My business is all about relationships and I work hard to be the reliable, quality voice over brand that you can turn to again and again for highest-level audio, on-time and on-budget. I believe strongly in clear communication and strive to over-deliver on projects. I have the experience to understand that production schedules can be tight and turnarounds may need to be fast-paced. Your time is a precious resource and I appreciate that you have deadlines to meet and clients to satisfy. That’s why I deliver in a 48 hour or less time frame for most projects.

Connecting to your audience in a style that resonates with them and communicates your message is what I do. After all, we’re all just global citizens. We are children, parents, students, teachers, service providers, entrepreneurs, employees, professionals, neighbors and friends. I love working on messages and videos in the B2B world as well. I want to enhance the confidence your customers have in you – so that they believe in your message, trust your product or service and are loyal to your brand. Hi, I’m Petra Vermeulen. I can make your explainer videos soar.

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