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The First Voice Your Customers Hear

We’ve all experienced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and MOH (Message On Hold) voiceover. Often, one of these automated systems is the first voice your customers hear when they contact you about your products or services. Whether connecting callers to staff, directing them to voicemail, asking them to complete a survey, prompting them to enter a pin, or telling them about your latest product launch or holiday office hours, the voice over for your phone or kiosk message systems is important .

Make A Great Impression On Your Callers With Voice Over

We all know how important a first impression can be. When a customer enters your store for the first time, their lasting opinion of whether to stay and shop or turn around and leave can be made or broken by how they are greeted when then enter. The same is true of your IVR and MOH. While it’s tempting to save some money and just have a junior staff member record your messages, directory and voicemail, that may be penny wise and pound foolish. If you make a great impression on your callers with a professional voice over , you are much more likely to cement that callers willingness to “stay and shop” with you.

In addition, should a customer be calling to speak with a support staff, report a problem or get assistance with a question, having a clear, easy to understand, professional voice over direct the caller to the appropriate staff member or recorded help messages quickly, can go a long way towards keeping tensions low and making the customer feel taken care of and therefore retain their loyalty to your brand.

Let Voice Over Be Your Virtual Ambassador

Let’s face it, when customers call to speak to a person and first reach an automated system or are placed on hold where messages are broadcast about products and services, you want that experience to equal or surpass the enjoyment of interacting with one of your employees. That’s why it is important to engage a professional IVR / MOH voiceover who can act as a virtual ambassador for your brand . You put a premium on the customer experience, so don’t forget to make sure your automated voice is of equally high quality. As Google’s official customer service telephone voice for the Netherlands, I have a great deal of experience delivering what you need.

As an added bonus, I am fluent in English, Dutch and French, which lends your systems an international English sound with a European, or “global” accent that isn’t immediately identifiable as US, UK, Dutch or French. I bring a neutral, slightly undefinably accented read to your messages.

A Quality Voice Over Brand You Can Rely On

For me, my clients’ happiness is priority number one. I work hard to deliver the exact IVR / MOH and automated systems voice over you have in mind for your business. I value our relationship and I strive to be the quality voice over brand that you can rely on again and again for top-flight audio, delivered on-time and on-budget. Clear communication matched with accurate, high quality work are staples services for my voice over studio. Your time is valuable, you have deadlines to meet and you will never be left wondering whether your audio will arrive on time. In this fast-paced world of business, I understand that new offers can come up fast and need to be incorporated into your phone and automated messaging quickly. That’s why I deliver in a 48 hour or less time frame for most projects.

Making a great first impression on your customers when they contact you is what I love to do. I want them to believe in your brand, trust your product or service and develop that golden gem of brand loyalty because of the voice over they hear on your systems, so I work to be the exact messenger you need. How can I be of service to you?

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Let me make your project take flight!

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