Petra Vermeulen Multilingual Voice Over Demo Headshot

With a natural vocal age range from 25 to 50, my clients mostly describe my voice and delivery as warm, engaging, soothing and intelligent.

How I started

I’ve always loved adventure. After studying literature and translation, I moved to France to jumpstart my career. I’ve had all sorts of jobs from office manager to investment analyst. I was even assistant to a millionaire! I always have a glass-half-full attitude, and I’m very used to juggling several languages with precision.

Going off the beaten track

Eight years ago, I burned out and decided to change my way of life. I wanted my own career, but how? I considered working in completely different fields, or with animals…. Then my friend James Clamp said: “Try voice-overs!”. I did my research, took courses, and here I am! I’m so happy to be working from home, surrounded by words, and using all my languages!

What I love about my work

Wait, but..... why the owl?

I’ve always been fascinated by falconry. Using a bird of prey as my logo is my tribute to this art.

Reading and researching

I’ve always been an avid reader of anything I could get my hands on: books, but also newspapers in each of the languages I speak, medical, technical, or ecological publications… I strive to better understand our societies. Researching a topic in great detail also helps me cover it as precisely as I can in my voice work.

Always learning

I trained in voice-over with Jonathan Tilley. I’m always looking to improve my services. Whether it’s taking webinars, updating my tuition, or asking for your feedback, I want to give you the best I can offer!

I am proud to be one of World Voices Organizations founding members.

Let me help your project take flight