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Petra Vermeulen - E-Learning Voiceover

I have always loved learning. As a voice over actor, I whole-heartedly believe that studying our craft never ends. There is always some new facet of communication or marketing to learn, some new technology that improves my studio, a new subject outside of voice over to explore. The beauty of e-learning is that any of us can be a student. We are not confined by the walls of a school building, the typical societal age brackets for learners, or the geography of where we live. With the exploding growth of eLearning, anyone with access to the internet can participate. And corporations, non-profits, hospitals, service industries, manufacturing, first responders and the military, just to name a few, are leveraging the new world of learning to keep their employees and members engaged as perpetual learners outside of academia.


Read, Research, Repeat - What Makes Engaging E-Learning Voice Over

I have always been an avid reader of just about anything I could get my hands on. Books, newspapers, you name it. And in each of the languages ​​I speak. I also love to research the subjects of my voice over work so that I have a clear understanding of the material I’m delivering. Lather, rinse, repeat with each new project. I understand the amount of work that goes into a successful e-course’s instructional design. In order to meet educational goals and benchmarks for learner achievement, designers can take weeks or even months to perfect their courses. But in addition to teaching the learner something new, they want to effectively engage them with the material.

As with Explainer Videos, voice over is a powerful tool for E-Learning. Since learning is enhanced by employing both visuals and hearing, allowing both senses to share in the process and reduce the occurrence of overload or overwhelm, the information delivered to the learner’s ears is critical for successful immersion and retention. There is also a subconscious connection to emotions that comes with the use of sound and voice. The right delivery can bring out a desired warm authority or capture the drama or humor in gamified learning.

Trust Your Exceptional E-Learning Voice Over To A Professional

That’s why it is important to utilize a professional eLearning narrator . A pro can quickly determine the correct tempo, tones, attitudes, pitch and inflection to help your learners learn. An experienced narrator will know the appropriate delivery for a wide range of subjects – how a kids class on cooking will differ from a culinary masterclass in French pastries, what a high school level anatomy class needs that continuing education for nurses doesn’t – and how to reach varied audiences.

Additionally, my fluency in English, Dutch and French lends my voice over an international English sound . Giving your project that “European” flavor without being identifiably US, UK, Dutch or French that can lend an extra touch of authority and sophistication to your course. Enhanced by my own passion for reading medical, mechanical and ecological publications, I am comfortable with complex subjects and uncommon sentences or terminology, so you could say I’m fluent in “talking tech” as well. I’ve provided E-learning in all three languages ​​for such top-flight clients as Apple, Lego, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Luis Vuitton, WHO, Richemont, Clarins, and Club Med.

You Can Trust Me With Your E-Learning Project

There is nothing more valuable to my business than trust. My clients and their projects are very important to me. I work hard to deliver the exact, subject matter expert voice over that you envisioned. You can trust me with your E-Learning project. I believe in clear communication and over-delivering on projects. I have experience with E-Learning projects to know that production schedules can be tight and turnarounds may need to be quick. I understand that voice over is one of the final steps in your project and strive to deliver accurate, reliable, top-flight audio. I also understand the importance of deadlines and on-time responses. That’s why I deliver quickly and with transparency in my timelines for all projects.

Opening up the world of learning to new and varied participants is something I love. Connecting your students to your material in a style that resonates with them and leads to retention is my aim with every project. After all, I’m always learning as well and so I understand what keeps my attention and what doesn’t. I want to bring the excitement and curiosity I have for exploring new subjects to everyone who takes your course, participates in your corporate training, takes up a new trade or additional skill set.

In this new world of global learning, the sky’s the limit. Use my Contact form and get in touch today and let’s make your project soar!

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