An International Commercial Voice

Petra Vermeulen – Representing Your Brand in Multiple Languages

You’ve worked hard to build your  brand . You want to sell your product, and you want your commercial to be top-flight. From Chromebook to Trivago, Chicco, Sunweb, and Leifheit to Teatro Zinzanni I’ve worked with many brands to meet their customers where they live and deliver their commercials on  multiple platforms and in multiple languages .

The Elements of A Great Commercial

Gorgeous visuals, a soundtrack that backs up a straight-forward message delivered by an experienced, skilled voice over talent are all elements of a great commercial.  And no matter what your message is to your customers, a commercial is a powerful way to build a connection with them and start a conversation about your brand.
An effective commercial also meets consumers on multiple platforms – TV, radio, social media, YouTube – while they’re going about their lives –  commuting to work, shopping, sitting in waiting rooms, watching TV with the family.  Anywhere an audience is interacting with your commercial, you want to be able to paint the right picture to capture their imagination, pique their interest, and then retain and grow it long after your commercial ends.
The key element in building that bond between your brand and customers is the voice over.  As an experienced female voice over actor, I’ve been able to embody a variety of styles to make that bond easy.


Voice Over That Takes Your Commercial Beyond the Basics

Today’s commercial world is fast-moving, global and diverse.  New technology means that your ad can be delivered on many new platforms from desktops to laptops, tablets, phones and smart TVs. Streaming services for TV and music have exploded on the scene.  Often this means that your audience isn’t always engaging visually with your commercial anymore.  Now a days, you need a powerful, authentic voice over to take your commercial beyond the basics and really grab your audience’s attention.
Investing in professional voice over services is just smart business.  Memorable communication goes beyond just words. A skilled voice over actor incorporates timber, tone, pitch, and tempo as well as the right attitudes and perspectives to bring your commercial to life.
I love partnering with brands to find those elements that tell your story and reach your audience.  Fluent in English, Dutch and French, I have an international English sound with a global or European accent that isn’t immediately identifiable as US, UK, Dutch or French.  I can bring that neutral, lightly undefinably accented read to your ads.
Whether your campaigns are light and energetic, instructional and matter-of-fact, inspirational, wry and comical or enticing and flirtatious for social media, PSAs, manifestos, tv/radio ads or luxury branding, I know what it takes to make your commercials soar over your competition.

A Dependable, Quality Voice Over Brand

There is nothing more valuable for a business than trust.  It is my goal to make sure you trust me to deliver the exact commercial voice over you have in mind. I value the relationship I build with my clients and work hard to be the dependable, quality voice over brand that you can turn to again and again for top-flight audio, delivered on-time and on-budget.  I am a firm believer in clear communication and strive to over-deliver on projects.  Your time is valuable and I appreciate that you have clients and deadlines of your own to meet.  I understand that production schedules can be tight and turnarounds may need to be fast-paced.  That’s why I deliver in a 48 hour or less time frame for most projects. 
Finding what resonates with your customers in the daily course of living their lives is what I love to do.  I can relate to their struggles and celebrations.  They are daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, students, teachers, business owners, professionals, neighbors and friends.  I also know what it is like to be an entrepreneur and what appeals to the B2B world as well.  I strive to enhance the confidence between you and your customer – I want them to believe in your message, trust your product or service and develop that golden gem of brand loyalty because they resonate with your message, so I work to be the messenger you need.
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