My goal: keeping you happy!

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Studio Specs

The nitty gritty stuff!

  • Source Connect Standard, ipDTL, ISDN
  • AT4047, Shure KSM32
  • Studiobricks booth
  • Audient iD14 interface
  • Mac
  • Twisted Wave, Izotope RX

Quality and speed guaranteed

A quality product, timely delivery, and happy clients are the keys to success. That’s why I deliver with a 48 hour turnaround or less. My ultimate goal is to make you and your client happy: it’s in our best interests! Do not hesitate to call back if the result isn’t up to your expectations.


Any material and information given in an assignment is considered confidential. However, unless otherwise agreed, I retain the right to use a neutral sample of the recording for self-marketing purposes.

Need something else done? Sure!

  • Custom demo: Need a specific sample recorded with a snippet of your script? No problem, just ask, and I will take care if it the same day.
  • Casting: Need an extra voice for your project? Another language? A male voice? I can call on my network of trusted voice professionals to help out. Like me, they won’t settle for anything less than excellence.
  • Cut-up: original one-run file is cut up into smaller files, individually labelled according to script nomenclature.
  • Re-recording due to manuscript changes called for by the client is considered a new assignment
  • Linguistic corrections, translation, proofreading.

Please note that for projects involving either of these services, administration fee is added and included in a specific project estimate.

Additional Terms

Minor corrections (slight tone change, product names and similar) are free of charge (1 retake).

Technical Standards

  • Format: WAV 16/48 mono format, no mastering, unless otherwise instructed
  • File transfer: via Wetransfer, Dropbox or other cloud server
  • Clean-cut: pops & clicks are edited out.

Let me help your project take flight

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