I go out of my way to make all my clients happy

My clients, countless companies worldwide, big or small, have entrusted me with their communication. I love to make sure that their voiceover projects in neutral, international English, or in native Dutch, end up sounding exactly like what they had in mind, with care and dedication.

And they love me for that!

Selected praise

"We chose Petra because we needed a personable and authentic voice for our film. Petra brought her own ideas into the project, was punctual and recorded the texts exactly as we wanted. It was particularly nice that we were able to attend the session via Skype. Straightforward, friendly and a magical voice!"
"Our company works with Petra regularly on multilingual telephony projects. Petra has a very pleasant voice, and works with extreme professionalism and responsiveness. It is always a real pleasure to collaborate with her. I highly recommend Petra for any of your future voiceover projects !"
Marie-Ange Crost
“Fantastic! This is precisely what I would want and expect - a choice of different reads - all subtly (but noticeably) different - and an intelligent interpretation both of the script and my written direction. Thank you for a stellar job!”
Toffeehammer Prod.
“Petra went beyond and above the job. I will definitely work with her again. If your are looking for a voice over for French you should absolutely work with her."
“Petra is extremely professional”
Domenico del Sorbo
“Petra is a gem. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, versatility and kindness!”
Allison Schneider
"Petra was prompt in responding, and my team was thrilled with the end voiceover. She is professional, takes direction well, and we would absolutely work with Petra again!"
“Petra was prompt and perfect. The audio quality was crystal clear, her accent, intonation, and pronunciation were just right, and she followed my convoluted instructions to the letter. I hope to get a chance to work with her again - excellent!"
Nat Brown
"Une voix très agréable, un travail professionnel et une livraison toujours dans les délais. Petra est une personne à l'écoute qui comprend les attentes et la réactivité du marché de la radio. Je vous la recommande pour tout vos futurs enregistrements."
Victor Atlan
“J'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Petra sur un projet de guide audio pour lequel elle a enregistré des voix en Anglais et Néerlandais. Petra est quelqu'un de très pro, avec une voix agréable et une bonne organisation. Je vous la recommande vivement pour vos projets voix!”
Jean-Philippe Faillie
"Petra's delivery was excellent and the client was very pleased. She is responsive, timely, attentive, professional and the quality of her recordings are superb. We look forward to working with her again soon!"
Jason Wood